In general, the law protects the confidentiality of all communications between a psychotherapist and client. No information is disclosed without prior written consent from the client. This is done by signing a HIPPA form. However, there are some exceptions required by law to this rule. I am required by law to report to the authorities the following circumstances:

1) If we suspect that an individual may be involved in child abuse or dependent adult or elder abuse.

2) If a client is threatening serious bodily harm to another person.

3) If a client intends to harm himself or herself. The therapist will make every effort to work with the individual to insure their safety. However, if an individual does not cooperate, additional measures may need to be taken.


Average Cost (per session): $100-$150

We accept:

  • Cash

  • Check

  • Credit Card

We strongly believe that therapy should be accessible to all regardless of income. We reserve a portion of sessions per week for clients looking for a sliding scale fee. Please reach out to us to discuss how we can make therapy work for you.


We are not able to bill insurance directly at this time (we hope to change that soon!); however, we participate in out-of-network insurance benefits, which typically cover 50% to 100% of the fee. To see what services your insurance covers, you should call the member number on your insurance card and ask the following questions:

  • Do I have out-of-network Mental Health coverage?

  • What is my out-or-network deductible and how much has already been met by my medical expenses?

  • What amount is covered per psychotherapy session?


Therapy is a personal service. When we schedule an appointment together, we am making a firm commitment to meet at that scheduled time and that session time will not be offered to anyone else. Therefore, sessions cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will most often not be able to be used by anyone else. 

  • In most cases, there will be no charge for sessions cancelled more then 24 hours in advance

  • If you cancel less than 24 hours before our scheduled session time, you will be charged the full fee.

  • There is no charge for missed session in the case of severe illness such as flu or accidental injury, or life-and-death events such a funerals.


The therapist is not obligated to make up time due to a client's lateness. Arriving more than 1/2 hour late constitutes a late cancellation and the therapist is not obligated to conduct the session. In some cases the therapist will wait and work with you for the remaining session time. This decision is solely up to the discretion of the therapist and you will be charged for the full fee of the session in either case. 

Policy for Therapist's Absence

  • If the therapist is severely ill, or have a life or death event, they will inform you that they will be absent.

  • The therapist will inform patients of their vacation or conference schedule at least one week in advance